Greyhound Battlegrounds: Player Spotlights

May 19th, 2020

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As we approach the start of the first ever Battlegrounds, Carmel Esports is pulling back the curtain and showing you the best of our best in our new Player Spotlight series. Every day leading up to the Battlegrounds, you can find a new video on the CHS Esports YouTube channel highlighting some the skills and achievements of the students behind the tournament and leading the teams.

The free Greyhound Battlegrounds Spring 2020 is this Memorial Day weekend (May 23-25).

More information & registration can be found here:

This event was made possible due Carmel Esports continued partnership with Tamar Keren of the Talk to Tucker realtor group. Tamar helped esports find its home in Carmel, so let her help you find yours!

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Special thanks to IHSEN and the Indiana National Guard for their support in making this official IHSEN tournament happen!

By: Dylan Gentilcore

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